Saturday, 15 June 2013

HIatus Effective Immediately

I know that some of you will be wondering where I have been and why there haven't been videos since around Jan/Feb time. Below is copied from my personal blog as to why I am no longer posting on this blog.

"I know that last time I had an M.E relapse this severe was back in 2002, and that I'm *really* lucky due to that, but I was about 50% on the M.E scale before and am now struggling to get to 40% if that some days. I'm determined to get back up to what I was. I've found that I've not got the energy to do uni work, book work, cross stitching AND Ukulele - the last two are hobbies that I use to relax. I've had to choose to do JUST uni work and book work because I see both those as needing to be done.

As for the Ukulele, it hurts to hold it - it's not supposed to, but it does. I've found that I just can't hold the chord shapes without a lot of pain and so I've not been able to play it. I've made the majority of my videos on YT unlisted because I kept getting hate and such and just couldn't deal with it emotionally. I tried to ignore it and I never responded to it, but then more people started doing it and although I have NEVER claimed to have much talent, I don't feel like I should be scared to open my email because of a hobby. In a way it's taken the fun away. I will continue to play, and I will probably continue to make videos, but I don't know if I will keep a blog and post them publicly."

I am now taking an undertmined amount of time away from the Ukulele and this blog. I miss playing and I do try to practice at least once a week, but sometimes the pain is too bad and I am unable to manage even that. I don't know if I'll come back, but I do know that I need to focus on my uni work, my books and getting back to where I was health wise. The new diagnosis hasn't helped matters.

Thank you for all your support over the two years I was active and playing. It has been most appreciated.


Monday, 8 April 2013

I am still here

I wanted to post to let you all know that I'm still around. I haven't been well enough to play my Ukuleles and have instead been spending most of my time listening to the above artist, Sophie Madeleine. I love her voice and her music and have bought all her albums and spend a lot of time listening to them.

I am now in recovery and plan to get back to playing. I have managed a few minutes before my arms and hands start to hurt and so it's going to be a while before I get back to where I was and posting my own videos, but I'll get there. I am still determined to complete The Daily Ukulele 2 and so will carry on with that while practising and getting to a point where I can actually play!

I just didn't want you all to think I had forgotten about the blog, I haven't and I'll be back, but for now enjoy the wonderful voice and lyrics of Miss Sophie Madeleine!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Means That You're Grand), Mockin' Bird Hill, Kansas City & I Love How You Love Me - 4 DU2 VIDEOS

So, I had some time to kill and decided to do the next four videos from DU2, this way I'll get a nice backlog and be able to build up on it rather than rushing to do them every few days :D First song was hard because of the words, but I did manage it and I think I did an okay job.

Second was easier and a really nice tune :D I was a bit concerned with how my Uke sounded because it felt like I was missing stums, but I'm sure it sounds fine!

Third was easy enough, got the rhythm and the melody right and it was a fun song to learn to play!

Finally, the last one was easy enough, took a little bit to get it right, but I think I managed it :D

Now to set the next three songs, remember I'm still practising Elenore

Song #1
Page: 57
Song: California Girls
I don't know the song and the chords are not all ones I know, but I should be able to give it a go after some practice and YT

Song #2
Page: 140
Song: Hey Soul Sister
I think everyone with an Ukulele knows this song, I guess I would have to learn it eventually, now is the time!

Song #3
Page: 198
Song: It's Not Unusual
I know the song and despite the weird chords, it should be fine to learn 


This Magic Moment, In My Room, Spooky & Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - 4 x DU 2 VIDEOS

I ran out of videos so have done a load today. First videos of the new year :D I am still learning  Elenore so that one will be applied to the next batch, but I wanted to do four so added this new one "That Magic Moment" which was easy enough to play.

Second was easier than I thought it would be, a nice slow song that sounds good, the only problem was the video I used to get the melody had a lot of screaming girls because it was The Beach Boys or the Monkees playing, I can't remember which to be honest!

Third was easy too, nice song, good chords and I hope I was able to play it well enough :D

Fourth was easiest, I knew the tune and it's one that I wanted to learn, but had never come across the chords for in the past. So now I can add it to the songs I've learnt!

Now to set the next four songs, with Elenore  as one to carry over!

Song #1
Page: 38
Song: Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Means That You're Grand)
Looks to be an easy enough song, just hope I can get the words right!

Song #2
Page: 248
Song: Mockin' Hill Bird
Looks to be a good enough song, shall practice and then get it recorded!

Song #3
Page: 202
Song: Kansas City
This should be a good song to learn, I don't know it at all, but some practise and checking YT should do it!

Song #4
Page: 158
Song: I Love How You Love Me
Again, I don't know the song, but should be easy enough to work with!


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Review - The Uke Of Wallington

For Christmas I got a new Kindle Fire and some money to buy some new books to read. When I was making my Christmas/Birthday wishlist on Amazon, I came across this book. It's available in paperback and on Kindle (as well as other e-book formats I'm sure) and so as I didn't get it for Christmas, I brought it for myself.

The book is about Mark Wallington, who having spent most of his life playing some kind of instrument and never getting very far, picks up the Ukulele and starts to learn. The book follows his journey from the South of the UK up to a gig he had planned in the highlands of Scotland. The idea is to play as many open mic nights as he can, in preparation of his own "solo" gig six weeks later. Mark sees it as his only chance to actually have a "rock 'n' roll tour" so leaving behind his family and heading off to Brighton to start the tour, he takes his Ukulele and plans to walk, bus and use the train all the way to the gig he has planned in six weeks time.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the information he gave about some of the open mic nights and the way he wrote about how he came to finally see the Ukulele as a "proper" instrument. It made me smile in the right places, and I was cheering on for him once he got going on his journey. As a non-fiction book, that isn't about how to play, but what to do to get playing, I really do recommend it to those with an interest in all things Ukulele.

I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Now to wish you all a HAPPY 2013! May it bring you as much joy and happiness as you wish, may you regain health, perspective and Ukuleles! Thanks for following me for the past year and this blog has now turned two :D

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Born To Be Wild, Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream), Fever & In The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember) - 4 DU 2 VIDEOS

I've been meaning to do some videos all week and finally got the chance to do some! The first was an easy enough song, simple chords and one that I knew the tune to so managed to do quite well.

Second was another easy one once I had the melody from YT. Only a few chords and all very simple ones so that wasn't too difficult.

The third is a different one from what was set. I was running low on videos for posting over on UU and so needed to do a fourth when I realised that the song Elenore was going to take a lot of practise and so I randomly chose this one that only had, two chords I think and was again a song I knew :D

Finally, I did my own spin on this one and I hope it sounds okay. I double checked the tune from YT and went from there, I do hope you like it :D

Now to set the next three songs as I will continue learning Elenore.

Song #1 
Page: 187
Song: In My Room
Not a song I know, but shouldn't take me long to learn it, just need to check YT for the melody and I should find it easy enough to get through

Song #2
Page: 309
Song: Spooky
Again, not a song I know, but the chords look okay and I should be able to manage it once I've paid a trip to YT

Song #3
Page: 389
Song: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
I do know this song well, and so will practise and check YT to be sure and go from there! Hopefully I'll be doing more videos shortly!


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Book Of Love, Cherish, Morning Has Broken & Tammy - 4 DU2 VIDEOS

Two days before Christmas and I finally had the time to do some videos :D The first was easy enough, a few weird chords, but I managed it okay :D

Second was a bit harder as I could only find the first few verses on YT and so had to guess how the rest should sound, so I hope I did okay :D

Third was easy as pie, a song I've known the majority of my life and although I got a bit muddled with chords and ahead of myself singing wise, I think I did fine :D

And the final song was one I really enjoyed playing, nice tune, nice words and it sounded great when I played it. My voice was going so it wasn't as well sung as it could have been, but it's a good song which I plan to go back to at some point!

Now to set the next four songs

Song #1
Page: 49
Song: Born To Be Wild
I know the song and it's four easy chords so should be easy enough to do once I check YT for the melody

Song #2
Page: 102
Song: Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
Not one I know, but it's a three chord easy tune so should be easy enough to learn from YT :D

Song #3
Page: 108
Song: Elenore
I don't know the tune and the chords look hard and obscure, so it may take some practice to get this song done

Song #4
Page: 189
Song: In The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember)
I think I know this song, and it's an easy enough chord pattern, just one that will take some practice!


I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you get all that you wish for and stay safe through this holiday period! See you in the New Year (if not before!)